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Our History

In 2018, the Social Ministry Convocation, an annual social justice program of the Archdiocese of Baltimore since 1977, for the first time included an educational workshop on being a LGBTQ+ person in the Catholic Church. The workshop presenters were two Catholic priests from the Archdiocese. Of the 12 workshops, “Being a LGBTQ+ Catholic” was the most well-attended.
In 2019, 2020 and again in 2024, the LGBTQ+ workshops remained the most well-attended. The presenters included LGBTQ+ lay Catholics as well as family members with LGBTQ+ children. Workshop presenters, representing eight Archdiocesan parishes, shared their stories, “Why We Remain Catholic: Voices from the LGBT Community” and “Why Our Parishes need LGBTQ+ Ministries.”
The enthusiasm for these workshops made it clear that LGBTQ+ Catholics, family members, and allies want an opportunity to share their personal stories, ask their questions and hear stories from other families. Catholic faithful throughout the Archdiocese are searching for a supportive environment to share their experiences and to understand the Church’s pastoral care for her LGBTQ+ members. All Are Welcome ministry seeks to connect these searching Catholics with supportive parish-based LGBTQ+ ministries.


EDUCATION: Provide current information and resources on LGBTQ+ topics and issues.
NETWORKING: Create inter-parish and inter-faith networking events to encourage conversation and fellowship in advancing our common vision and mission.
SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Promote dialogue around spiritual needs and facilitate outreach experiences that focus on prayer, reflection and discipleship.
ACCOMPANIMENT: Build relationships with LGBTQ+ individuals, their families and allies to deepen understanding within their personal faith journeys and create a welcoming environment within their parish.

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